Electors Doubt Obama’s Eligibility

Some of the electors assigned by their states to cast the official votes for president of the United States are expressing doubts about Barack Obama’s eligibility.

Capitol Media Services reported that three of Arizona’s 11 Republican Electoral College electors who cast their ballots for Mitt Romney expressed concern that Obama didn’t meet the Constitution’s “natural born citizen” requirement.

“I’m not satisfied with what I’ve seen,” Tom Morrissey, chairman of the Arizona GOP said. “I think for somebody in the president’s position to not have produced a document looks more legitimate, I have a problem with that.”

The actual vote for president is not the popular vote that was held Nov. 6, but the Electoral College vote in state capitals. States are given one Electoral College vote for each member of Congress, and they vote, depending on varying state laws, for the candidates their state residents choose by popular vote.

The doubt about Obama’s eligibility arose before his first election. His father never was a U.S. citizen, and many contend that alone makes him ineligible. At the time of the nation’s founding, a “natural born citizen” likely was considered to be the offspring of two U.S. citizens.

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