Video: Obama Jobs Council Chairman Says ‘State-Run Communism Works’

photo credit: eschipul

Yes, that’s right! The Chairman of Barack Obama’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness said it.

In a discussion with Charlie Rose this week, GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt actually defended the Chicoms’ model of government. Little wonder that he was appointed by Obama, given that numerous White House appointees have confessed to being admirers of Chairman Mao.

But why shouldn’t Immelt do the president’s bidding. The system has worked well for him. What big business wouldn’t want a crony directed economy in which one’s corporation had to pay zero taxes, while the competition had to pay the highest corporate tax rate in the world?

What’s not to like about the command and control model of economics, if your crony runs the government and wields it to your advantage?

You have to see this to believe it. Our President’s pick to head his jobs council said this: