Principal Forces Boys to Hold Hands as Punishment for Fighting

The idea of public humiliation as an appropriate punishment is certainly a controversial topic.

A couple of Westwood High School Warriors were humbled after a fight, and pictures of the high school boys holding hands as punishment and covering their heads are all over Facebook.

One of those young men is 14-year-old Charles Crockett, who admitted to ditching classes at the Mesa school Thursday because he said everyone was still teasing him about it. He said the ordeal started in P.E. class Wednesday.

“I told him to hit me and he hit me and we all started fighting,” Charles said. The freshman said he and a sophomore named Julio were sent to Principal Tim Richard’s office, where he gave the boys a clear choice. “The principal told us options and so we picked holding hands instead of getting suspended,” Crockett said.

The two locked palms for about an hour in the middle of campus during lunch while the entire student body witnessed their humiliation.

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