Thief Who Stole Packages From Neighbor’s Doorsteps Turns Out To Be Eight-Year-Old Girl

CLERMONT — If you’re expecting packages shipped to your home this time of year, you may be worried about thieves grabbing them from your doorstep before you get home.

A number of missing packages in one Lake County neighborhood prompted neighbors to set up a sting, and now, police said they believe they’ve cracked the case.

Jessica Araujo runs a business from her Clermont home, where she regularly receives shipments. Over the last few months, she thought several packages worth more than $1,800 never arrived, but she said she didn’t suspect they were stolen.

That is, until last week, when her neighbors on Briar Run Drive reported they also had packages of gifts stolen from their front doorstep.

According to police reports, the packages included Barbie dolls, children’s makeup and children’s cell phones.

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