TIME Magazine Nominates Illegal Aliens for ‘Person of the Year’

Time magazine announced the shortlist Tuesday for its 2012 “Person of the Year” award, which reportedly will be handed out sometime Wednesday in a once-highly anticipated annual rite.

Time’s eight-member shortlist for the award includes two Democratic presidents, a former Democratic presidential candidate, a prominent 9/11 conspiracy theorist, and “Undocumented Americans,” presumably taken as a whole.

While the list includes Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani women’s rights activist who was shot this year by the Taliban, and the team of scientists responsible for discovering the Higgs Boson particle, Time has also nominated a handful of more controversial persons, each with their own unique accomplishments and challenges.

Short-lister President Barack Obama was re-elected to the presidency in 2012, overcoming obstacles such as an approximately 8 percent national unemployment rate and concerns about his administration’s handling of the Benghazi terrorist attack.

“Undocumented Americans,” roughly twelve million of whom live in the United States, have earned TIME shortlist status prior to earning green cards or U.S. citizenship, presumably for their courage.

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