Diversity Training Obama-Style: USDA Sessions Included Participants Chanting ‘Our Forefathers Were Illegal Immigrants’

A U.S. Department of Agriculture official has confirmed some of the government’s “diversity training” – including participants banging on tables and chanting, “Our forefathers were illegal immigrants!” – was “not in line” with USDA guidelines.

Breitbart reported last year the USDA paid a Chicago-based diversity training and consulting firm $200,000 to hold a series of “Diversity Training Workshops” around the country.

According to a press statement issued by the Department of Agriculture, the workshops were designed to “foster overall diversity awareness.”

Documents obtained by the watchdog groupJudicial Watch, however, revealed the seminars required participants to chant, “Our forefathers were illegal immigrants!” and encouraged the attendees to bang on the tables while chanting the phrase.

Souder, Betances and Associates was given the USDA contract to conduct the training seminars.

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