Despite Criticism, MSNBC’s Silence Regarding Doctored ‘Heckling’ Video Deafening

A video doctored by MSNBC featuring the grieving father of one of the children who died in the Sandy Hook tragedy from has set the Internet aflame this week. The video, which first aired on the Monday, January 28 broadcast of the liberal network’s “Martin Bashir”show is only the latest video controversy to include NBC and its crazy liberal stepchild MSNBC.

We’re now three days — and counting — into the scandal and MSNBC still hasn’t come clean and admitted what it did.

The video showed Newtown, Conn. father Neil Heslin’s testimony about guns speaking at a legislative hearing. Bashir then claimed Heslin was heckled by a gun supporter at the hearing. “A father’s grief, interrupted by the cries of a heckler,” Bashir declared.

Bashir’s declaration was at best wrong and at worst outright misrepresentation by the network. The video cut out the part of Heslin’s testimony where he posed a question to the crowd. Hearing no response, Heslin then appeared to act like no one was able to challenge his argument, which is why some present did so.

This latest controversy has made MSNBC the target of criticism from AP, The Washington Post and even some commentators like David Frum. After Tweeting about the alleged heckling incident, CNN’s Anderson Cooper then deleted his Tweet and clarified the situation, much to his credit.

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