Video: These Four Sheriff’s Are Taking A Bold Stand Against Gun Control – ‘An Unarmed Public Is A Tyrant’s Playground’

Photo Credit: The Blaze TVFour sheriffs from across the country joined Glenn Beck on TheBlaze TV Wednesday to discuss the current push for more gun control legislation in the United States. Beck called them the “bravest sheriffs in all of America” for standing up for the Second Amendment and refusing to even consider disarming Americans, even under pressure.

“You have a right to own the firearms of your choice,” Beck said. “That right shall not be infringed. It’s not about hunting, it’s not about target practice, it’s not even about rape or home defense. It is about an armed public being necessary to keep people free. An unarmed public is a tyrant’s playground.”

Beck argued it is important to become educated but also to know who is on the side of the American people when it comes to the Second Amendment. He also encouraged viewers to contact their county sheriff to find out where he or she stands on the Second Amendment.

Joining Beck were Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who garnered national attention for asking residents to arm themselves and get firearms training in case they ever found themselves in a dangerous situation in which the police may not arrive in time. Also in Beck’s Dallas studio were Sheriff Glenn Palmer of Grant County, Oregon, Sheriff Steve Cox of Livingston County, Missouri and Sheriff Tim Mueller from Linn County, Oregon.

The four sheriffs represent 484 other sheriffs who have banded together and vowed to keep the oath they took to uphold the U.S. Constitution.

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