Award-Winning Journalist Meticulously Planned Murder of Man Who Sodomized Him (+video)

Photo Credit: ABC

An award-winning reporter has revealed how he fantasized about killing a former neighbour who had brutally raped him when he was seven.

David Holthouse, 41, meticulously planned the murder and how he would get away with it – until his mother came across his childhood diary and revealed she finally knew about the abuse.

Holthouse said at that point he was forced to give up on the killing as his motive for murder was revealed – so he enacted a different type of revenge: Publishing a story about the violent attack.

He first shared the story about his desire for revenge in a 2004 article for the Denver Westword, and it was featured on This American Life. The story is now being turned into a play in New York.

Speaking to ABC News, Holthouse said that murdering the man had just ‘felt like the right thing to do’. ‘I arrived at a point in my mind where it seemed to me that murder was entirely rational, justifiable and even a morally responsible course of action,’ he said.

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