Bill Whittle: The Constitution is Being Destroyed, Only Guns Can Defend Us

Bill Whittle’s new project, ‘The Virtual President,’ tackles gun control as one of its first projects.

In the below video, Whittle eviscerates all arguments for gun bans, particularly assault weapons.

Not only does he contend that laws making it “easier for the predator [creates] more predators,” he also points out that hands and feet are used to murder twice as many people as rifles, knives five times as many as rifles, and medical malpractice, 300 times as many as rifles.

Whittle then suggests that the reason knives and doctors are not banned is because society perceives they do more good than bad. And using that reasoning, firearms should never be banned as they prevent a 100 times more violent crimes than murders committed with firearms.

But he concludes that the real reason that we must oppose gun control is to ensure that Americans have the means to defend themselves from a government that “is destroying the Constitution.” And without the restraint of the Constitution, even our own government could inflict the same sort of mass killings that occurred in the Soviet Union, China, Vietnam and Cambodia: