Hussein In Jerusalem

Photo Credit: Muhammad غفّاري

No, not the Mufti al-Husseini of Jerusalem, but Obama. Close enough.

Why is Obama going to Israel? The Muslim Brotherhood advocate in the White House has refused to speak to the Knesset. He caved to Muslim threats and supremacist demands and is not going to the Temple Mount with an Israeli escort. And an Obama administration official has said that Obama will not bring any new Middle East peace plan with him, because he doesn’t think the Israelis are interested in peace. Not the “Palestinians” with their calls for blood and genocide, but the Israelis.

So what is he doing there? He is going on the offensive against Israel, and he is doing it from Israel. Expect the notorious leftist Israel press to applaud Obama’s land confiscation policy.

And Obama is not going over there empty-handed. He brings a cash infusion of 500 million smackers for the jihadists, aka the Palestinian Authority. No money for White House tours or military tuition – but half a billion for the terror statelet and billions and F16s to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Yet the more he prostrates himself before the Palestinian jihadists, the more contempt they have for him. I wonder how much this will cost the American taxpayers, not to mention Israeli blood and land … and 3G technology. No joke: Muslims in Bethlehem were burning pictures of Obama and protesting, among other things, the absence of 3G communications technology.

And the Times of Israel reported that Israeli Knesset member Nachman Shai “called on students to skip U.S. President Barack Obama’s planned speech to the Israeli public, scheduled for Thursday night, citing the White House’s exclusion of Ariel University from a program to allow students to attend the Jerusalem address.”

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