Mother Victimized By China’s One-Child Policy Commits Suicide

Photo Credit: LifeNews

In another tragic case, a 42-year-old mother took her life last week inside a local Family Planning Office after two botched forced sterilizations.

Yang Yuzhi, the mother of four, was forced to undergo sterilization surgery in 1995. However, the operation failed, and she was forced again in 2006 to undergo a second sterilization surgery. The surgery failed and led to infections in her intestines, leading to chronic pain and requiring regular doses of medication. Due to the financial burdens, Ms. Yang frequently petitioned the Family Planning Commission (FPC), but to no avail.

At around noon on March 13, 2013, Ms. Yang left home in a normal mental state and went to the local FPC office. Her son, Zhang Zhaofa, later recounted to the media: “The Family Planning Officials told us that while they were discussing Ms. Yang’s case with the village mayor, some workers found her already dead, having hanged herself at the top of the stairs. They secretly called the ambulance to move her body to the hospital, but didn’t inform the family in a timely manner.”

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