Robert Reich Accuses Tea Party Of ‘Plot To Undermine’ U.S. Government

Photo Credit: Getty Images In a column posted Friday at, former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich accused the Tea Party of engaging in a plot to “undermine the government of the United States, to destroy much of its capacity to do the public’s business, and to sow distrust among the population,” reported Saturday.

According to Reich, sequestration is “only the start.”

“What they set out to do was not simply change Washington but eviscerate the U.S. government — ‘drown it in the bathtub,’ in the words of their guru Grover Norquist – slashing Social Security and Medicare, ending worker protections we’ve had since the 1930s, eroding civil rights and voting rights, terminating programs that have helped the poor for generations, and making it impossible for the government to invest in our future,” he added.

Joel B. Pollack reminded readers that sequestration was Obama’s idea — something he said Reich downplayed. Pollack then asked if, in Reich’s view, Obama is “some kind of Manchurian Tea Party candidate designed to demonstrate the failure of liberalism?”

Pollack also observed that it was Obama who tried to stir up fear and anger among the American people with dire predictions of gloom and doom. “And,” Pollack added, “perhaps Reich should be reminded that it was Democrats who consciously chose a strategy of fear in selling Obamacare to the public.”

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