Clinton Pal Sued for Giving Woman Herpes

Photo Credit: AP

Arnold Simon, the former CEO of Calvin Klein and close friend of Bill Clinton, is being sued for allegedly infecting a woman with herpes.

While on the date, which was arranged on, Simon bragged that he had just had lunch with Clinton earlier that day. The date reportedly went well. However, she realized weeks later that Clinton’s pal had given her the sexually transmitted disease.

Now she is taking him to court, according to the New York Post. The woman, who filed the suit as a Jane Doe, told The Post, “He wrote an e-mail that he was very handsome and tall and a well-built man. He refers to himself as looking like Humphrey Bogart.”

The date went well, as Simon regaled her with anecdotes about his relationship to the ex-president, she says.

“He told me that he had just gotten back from a lunch with Clinton; he is a close personal friend with Bill Clinton,” she said, and records, in fact, show he shelled out at least $1 million to Clinton’s foundation.

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