DHS Finally Responds to Senate Demand for Ammo Info but its Numbers Don't Pencil Out-page 2

I should note, however, that the CPB 30% figure for operations and reserves is questionable enough given the limited firearms usage of these agencies in the field. A quick perusal of the nation’s news reveals that very few rounds are fired by these agencies in the line of duty.

So what is DHS doing with several hundred million rounds of extra ammo? No one seems to have given a reasonable answer.

Certainly, no one can fault DHS for wanting to make certain that its component agencies have what they need for any constitutionally-prescribed civilian duties. But arming them with many times the ammo necessary for current missions serves only to worry civil libertarians and drain the federal treasury. And not giving forthright and timely answers to a US Senator can only serve to drive even more speculation as to what these federal agencies are up to.

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