Family Makes Unexpected Find in Can of Green Beans (+video)

Photo Credit: ABC When checking the St. Joseph County Health Department complaint reports, what turned up in some foods at local stores was surprising. The most disturbing case concerns a can of green beans – and what one family found inside will keep them from ever eating canned green beans again.

“We eat a lot of green beans, we do, we did. Nobody wants anymore now,” said Gloria Chubb of South Bend.

Chubb, a retired nurse’s aide, is disgusted by what she served up at the dinner table. “It was meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans,” said Chubb.

It was what was in the can of Meijer green beans that made them both lose their appetite.

“My son put some on his plate and said, ‘What is that?’ I thought maybe it was a piece of moldy bacon or something– because they have bacon in them sometimes,” said Chubb. “I and I took it out of there and it wasn’t moldy bacon, it was a toad with parts of his little legs all in the green beans. Other than that he was fully intact.”

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