Homeschool Parents Have One Shot to See Son Again

Photo Credit: WND

Swedish parents Annie and Christer Johansson have launched what may be their last hope to see their son again – with an appeal to the Supreme Court of Sweden to overturn a lower court’s decision to end their parental rights over homeschooling.

Michael Farris, the chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association, says it’s among the most brutal cases he’s ever seen.

His parents haven’t seen Domenic Johansson for almost three years. He was abducted by armed Swedish police officers operating on the orders of social services agencies from on board Turkish Air Flight 990 on June 25, 2009. He was seven at the time.

The family was in the process of moving permanently to India, Annie’s home country, but the armed officers were ordered to board the jet and seize the boy – because he was being homeschooled.

The seizure took place even though school was out of session. WND reported last December that an appeals court panel in Sweden had imposed the “death penalty” on the homeschooling family, granting the state full custody of Domenic.

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