Jihad Bums

Photo Credit: American Thinker As most have already heard, the brothers Tsarnaev lived on the taxpayer dole before bombing the Boston Marathon. The American response to this revelation is nicely summed up on the cover of The Boston Herald, in big, bold print: “WHAT NERVE.”

Yes, how dare they? How dare they take our money and then hate us for giving it to them? How could they do such a thing?

It’s really rather simple why we have this reaction. Americans have an improper understanding of what welfare actually is. Many among us believe it to be charity and have the naiveté to believe that it will be accepted by poor, beleaguered beneficiaries as such.

But welfare bestows entitlement, not charity — and its result is not gratitude, but resentment. Democrats are all too willing to nurture those feelings of resentment, and the bulk of their constituents may be content with continued promises to grant them a pittance more in the next election cycle. But that is not good enough for Islamic fundamentalists. Allah promises Muslims the world. He does not promise them a tiny sum of wealth which has been redistributed by infidel magistrates. So it should be unsurprising that such resentment among Muslims manifests itself in jihad.

Moreover, such Muslims do not find any shame in collecting welfare, but find your payment of welfare to be a shame upon you. It is entirely normal in terms of Islamic jurisprudence and history that wealth is redistributed from non-Muslims to Muslims, a forced payment for protection called jizyah. The literal foundation for this practice can found the Quran, Surah 9:29…

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