Mystery White House Official Takes Secret Service Shopping in Chicago (+video)

Photo Credit: WTC Staff

No one recognized the man and his wife as they shopped at the Chanel Store on Chicago’s tony Michigan Avenue strip. But that didn’t stop the couple from receiving Secret Service protection and a Chicago police escort.

After shopping, the mystery couple were escorted to two waiting black security vans followed by two police cars. A Secret Service agent halted me until the duo was “in the clear.”

Who was this mystery official? Is it a member of President Obama’s cabinet? Or a visiting head of state? Can anyone take a guess?

Why were precious local law enforcement resources diverted to this shopping excursion?

As I said, no one knew who these “shoppers” were. I stopped a group of young teen girls, who witnessed the Secret Service song and dance, and asked them if they knew who the mystery couple was.

Barack Obama’s half-brother from Kenya,” chirped one of the girls.

Watch video here:

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