Thousands of Out-of-State Voters Found On Alaska's Voter Registry

photo credit: jkbrooks85

Just two years after Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell gave Alaska’s Division of Elections a clean bill of health, the Associated Press reports that 25,000 of Alaska’s registered voters are also registered to vote in other states. The revelation comes as a result of Alaska’s participation in a 22-State cooperative effort to cross-check voter rolls.

Treadwell blocked an independent investigation of the disputed 2010 election after US Senate Candidate Joe Miller petitioned for an outside review, opting instead for an “internal review” by the same Division of Elections and Department of Law who were alleged to have swept fraud and irregularity under the rug.

Miller’s request was based upon myriad complaints of widespread fraud and corruption from concerned citizens across the state of Alaska.

In an unprecedented move, the Alaska Court System dismissed sworn affidavits from eyewitnesses as unacceptable evidence for discovery, and the Department of Corrections has subsequently refused to disclose the list of felons in their custody during the 2010 election cycle who had committed crimes of moral turpitude, despite FOIA requests for the relevant information.

At least 11,000 of the newly discovered duplicate voters were reported to have more current registrations outside the State of Alaska. It appears that some have voted in multiple states, though Treadwell says it is unclear whether voter fraud was committed.

There is no data available on how many of “Alaska’s registered voters” are on the rolls in the 28 States that did not participate in the study.