Bill Maher: GOP Guilty of ‘Treason’; Michael Moore: ‘They Hate America’ (+video)

Photo Credit: david_shankboneOn Friday’s “Real Time” on HBO, two of the most prominent liberal personalities, Bill Maher and Michael Moore, said the Republican Party’s opposition to President Barack Obama at almost every turn amounts to anti-American criminality.

According to Maher, the show’s host, House Republicans’ efforts to repeal Obama’s health care reform and Senate Republicans’ blocking of his judicial nominations go beyond loyal opposition and could rise to the level of treason.

“What about trying to repealing [Obamacare] for the 37th time? Is that a wise use of our resources and time? I mean, at some point obstruction becomes, I don’t know, treason, you know? I mean they’ve also blocked Obama’s head of the EPA. There’s no head of the circuit court in D.C. You know, at some point it just becomes more about hating him than loving your country.”

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