China Hacked Into Obama, McCain Campaigns

Photo Credit: ALAMY

Hackers, who penetrated the 2008 presidential campaigns of President Barack Obama and his GOP challenger Sen. John McCain, were not the work of a dirty tricks brigade, but rather sophisticated computer spies employed by the Chinese government.

NBC’s “Nightly News” reported the revelation on Thursday’s broadcast, including the fact that the McCain campaign had been “spooked” by a surprising call from a top Chinese diplomat at the time about a letter McCain had written on a campaign computer to the new president of Taiwan.

“The problem was that letter had not yet been delivered,” reported NBC’s Michael Isikoff.

Meanwhile, in Chicago at then Sen. Obama’s campaign headquarters, a “phony” meeting agenda email had been circulated among top campaign staffers with a hidden computer virus.

Obama told reporters at the time: “Hackers gained access to emails and a range of campaign files from policy position papers to travel plans.”

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