Huckabee: Churches Should Consider Dropping Tax-Exempt Status

Photo Credit: AP

Churches should consider giving up their tax-exempt status if keeping it means allowing the government to tell them what to say, says Mike Huckabee.

The former Arkansas governor, GOP presidential candidate, and current Fox News talk show host also is an ordained Baptist minister. He made the comment on Monday during a minister’s conference in Houston, Texas, ahead of the annual Southern Baptist Convention meeting.

“Keep your deductions. Keep the exemptions. We stand more faithful with what God would have us to say, and we choose our freedom more than our financial benefit,” Huckabee said, according to Associated Baptist Press.

Recent revelations that the Internal Revenue Service has been targeting groups that are conservative and pro-Israel should be an alert to people of faith, Huckabee said. The Thomas More Society has complained that IRS officials asked anti-abortion groups in Texas and Iowa about the content of their prayers when the groups sought tax-exempt status.

“You may not clap real loud for this, but at least hear me out and think about it and pray about it,” Huckabee told the pastors. “I think we need to recognize that it may be time to quit worrying so much about the tax code and start thinking more about the truth of the living God.”

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