Anchorage Activists Protest Against Boehner’s Fundraiser With Former ARP Chair Randy Ruedrich (+video)

A group of Anchorage Tea Party activists protested GOP House Speaker John Boehner’s fundraiser with former Alaska Republican Party Chair Randy Ruedrich and other Alaska establishment politicos such as Commissioner Dan Sullivan.

The GOP event, held in a residential area, was carefully choreographed so that Boehner did not have to confront the protesters, many of whom were criticizing GOP support for Rubio’s amnesty bill:

Boehner Protest Amnesty2

Boehner Protest Amnesty3

Boehner Protest Amnesty

Some of the protesters pointed out that Boehner and the other state Republican officials were consorting with members of the self-described “Corrupt Bastards Club”:

Boehner Protest CBC

The activists also chanted an anti-amnesty message: