GSA Parody Videos Released by Watchdog Group (+video)

Photo Credit: YouTubeA conservative watchdog group released more than a half-dozen movie parody and comedy skit videos Tuesday that were removed from the General Services Administration website last year after a scathing inspector general report revealed the agency overspent taxpayer money on a lavish Las Vegas conference.

Judicial Watch used the federal Freedom of Information Act to obtain the videos, which include costumed GSA employees in parody movies scenes from “Rocky,” “The Godfather,” and “Mission Impossible.”

In the parody of “Rocky,” senior GSA officials lead employees on an extended jog through the corridors of the agency’s New York office and the streets of Manhattan, with the movie’s theme music playing. In another video, officials and employees participate in an elaborate “Jeopardy” game show parody, complete with theme music, light-up board and canned audience applause.

The group says it was tipped off about the videos from GSA whistle blower Linda Shenwick.

“This latest round of extravagant and embarrassing GSA videos is further evidence of a bloated federal government completely out of control,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

[Here’s a lengthy compilation of the skits. At about 7:50, you can watch a senior GSA employee rap, and at about 11:00, enjoy a GSA version of Jeopardy. And there’s much more, if you have the time to watch it]

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