Tom Marino, GOP Congressman, Floats Idea Of Filing Criminal Charges Against Obama

Photo Credit: Tom Williams/CQ Roll CallRep. Tom Marino (R-Pa.) revealed in a Thursday interview that he is exploring avenues by which members of Congress could try to pursue criminal charges against President Barack Obama.

Earlier this month, the Obama administration announced a delay in the implementation of an Affordable Care Act provision that will require businesses employing more than 50 people to provide them with health insurance. The delay, which puts off the requirement until 2015, drew much criticism from the GOP. The Treasury Department has since released a letter defending the decision as a means of providing “transition relief” for companies.

To say that Marino is critical of the decision may be an understatement. During an interview on local Scranton, Pa., station “94.3 The Talker,” the congressman slammed both the president for allegedly taking illegal action and Attorney General Eric Holder for failing to do anything about it.

“If the chief law enforcer of the country [Holder] will not enforce the law,” said Marino, “and the president decides to break the law because he doesn’t like it, there has to be another mechanism by which we in Congress can … see if there are criminal charges we can file.”

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