Duck Dynasty Star Rails Against Abortion Culture in America: “What in the World Happened to Us?” (+video)

Duck DynastyBehind the beard and camouflage, Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson is an incredibly insightful man with a penchant for straight talk. In a video posted on YouTube in January, Robertson is seen giving a speech in Pennsylvania discussing the abortion culture in America, among other things.

Robertson stated what we need more in our day are people like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson who understood that our right to life comes from God. “I’m with George Washington. I’m in the same camp as George Washington…That big Washington Monument in DC. You know what the capstone says on top of it? Praise God,” he said. The Bible and our own founding document, the Declaration of Independence, make the right to life emphatically clear.

“We have been endowed by our creator, according to Thomas Jefferson, with certain unalienable rights. Among these are life,” Robertson exhorted, adding, “I’ll tell you, it didn’t take us 150 years, we started ripping babies out of wombs. They should have listened to Thomas Jefferson—you have a God-given right to live inside your mother—come on!…What in the world happened to us?”

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