Egypt Residents Provide First-Hand Accounts of Bloody Mayhem: ‘Everybody’s Scared Sh**tless’

EGYPT-POLITICS-UNRESTWhile meeting with producers with The Blaze TV’s For The Record, a documentary news magazine, residents living in Cairo provided real time updates by phone and via twitter as the deadly clashes between Muslim Brotherhood supporters and the Egyptian military deteriorated into bloodshed.

More than 60 people were killed Friday and thousands have been injured throughout Cairo as rioters, many of whom are armed with weapons, spent another day protesting the actions of the Egyptian military this week against Muslim Brotherhood supporters. Those supporters accuse the Egyptian military of ransacking their camps and killing innocent protesters, according to news reports and eye witness accounts.

Many Egyptian residents, however, told The Blaze its members of the Muslim Brotherhood that have escalated the violence in Egypt and not just the Egyptian army. They said supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood are brandishing automatic weapons, putting women and children in harms way at camp sites and garnering support from outside extremist groups, including Al Qaeda factions in North Africa.

The first report came to For The Record at 10:40 a.m. eastern time, from Mohammed, a leader of an opposition group that worked to remove now ousted Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Morsi from power. He described members of the Muslim Brotherhood walking through Ramsis Square, only several miles northeast from Tahrir Square, carrying AK-47s and shooting them into the crowds. Mohammed described the situation as dire and said members of the Muslim Brotherhood were instigating much of the violence.

Barbara Lethem Ibrahim, the wife of Saad Eddin Ibrahim, a prominent Egyptian human rights activist and scholar who was imprisoned in 2000 after speaking out against now deceased and deposed Egyptian President Hosni Mubark, told The Blaze by phone from her home Cairo that members of the Muslim Brotherhood “are purposefully putting women and children into the camps they are setting up on the streets of Cairo.”

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