Guide Dog Dies After Incredible Act of Loyalty, Self-Sacrifice (+video)

Photo Credit: WXIA video screenshot

Photo Credit: WXIA video screenshot

A guide dog’s life is one of service. And a boxer trained as a seeing-eye dog, belonging to an Atlanta man, committed the ultimate act of service, laying down his life for his family.

The dog named Simon helped lead legally blind Dave Furukawa for four years, but died after a car accident Monday where he helped helping protect his owner’s son, Will, according to WXIA-TV.

Furukawa told the local news station he was walking his son to school when a car ran through a stop sign. The 80-pound dog pushed the child out of the way, but was hit by the vehicle himself. Furukawa was hit as well…

Furukawa told WXIA the dog did get up and followed the boy who was rushed home, but “once he was sure Will was okay, he laid down.”

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