Candidate Divulges ‘Secret’ for Avoiding D.C. Corruption

Photo Credit: WND As a member of the elite Presidential Protective Division of the Secret Service, Dan Bongino says he found President Obama surrounded by “acolytes” who rarely gave the nation’s chief executive an accurate picture of himself or the problems he faced.

That “bubble,” he said, helps breed corruption, and now that he’s running as a Republican for a seat in Congress, he’s determined not to fall under the spell that seems to afflict nearly everyone who enters the Beltway, to one degree or another.

But there’s a major problem, he believes, that is rooted in human nature. No one on Earth, he contends, is immune to corruption.

“The first step to corruption is assuming you’re incorruptible,” Bongino told WND in an interview.

Bongino, whose new book “Life Inside the Bubble” was released this week, said his view of human nature is rooted in his Christian faith and informed by seeing the inside of a system he says is “more corrupt that the American people can even imagine.”

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