After ObamaCare, Barack Obama’s Encore Performance

While all eyes are on the Obamacare roll-out debacle, the establishment in Washington has been quietly working behind the scenes to cut a deal on amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.
The Senate measure passed earlier this year with the full support of Senator Begich is almost certainly dead in the House, but many fear that a deal is in the works to push a House bill through that will be gutted in conference committee and turned into an amnesty bill.
The Democrat machine is working overtime to create public pressure, while big business puts the full-court press on House Republicans to acquiesce.

Once again, just as with Obamacare, Senator Begich has chosen the agenda of the President and his party bosses over the interests of ordinary Alaskans. It’s time to hold him accountable.
And I intend to do exactly that! 
If you stand with me, I pledge to oppose amnesty and put Alaskans first.
Amnesty would be devastating to the American worker. With high unemployment, stagnant wages, and low economic growth, Americans seeking work can ill afford to compete with foreign workers who will undercut their earning potential and continue a long-term trend of wage suppression.
Amnesty also threatens the American economy by racking up more debt, overwhelming our social safety nets, and creating new demands on our already beleaguered health care system.
A study by the Heritage Foundation released earlier this year found that the net cost to the American taxpayers of granting amnesty to illegal immigrants would be a staggering $6 trillion. This figure is a conservative estimate, subtracting projected tax revenues from granting citizenship from the costs of Social Security, Medicare, Obamacare, food stamps, unemployment insurance, welfare, and other government programs. 

But that’s not all. There is a growing body of evidence that the porous southern border is being used by Islamic radicals and Chinese nationals who are a grave threat to our national security. The virtual open border policy of the Obama administration has imperiled the nation, and it is unconscionable to allow these dangerous elements permanent legal status, and even citizenship.
We must stop amnesty dead in its tracks!
It’s bad for American workers. It’s bad for national security. And it’s bad for the future of the country.
If you agree with me, I need your help today.

Together, we can save the country we love for future generations.
Yours for the Future,