Craige McMillan: America, We’re in a Death Spiral

Photo Credit: WND

Photo Credit: WND

Much of the national conversation now seems to be carried on by children under the age of 5, with 2 being the most common age.

The nation’s press corps, having seen the nation’s political discourse dumbed down to the point where they can now understand and report on it, eagerly encourage the resultant “debate.”

The vast majority of politicians – who understand that the nation’s memory, despite its young age, has reached the point of advanced Alzheimer’s – eagerly indulge them. After all, why try to explain what you are really doing when a pithy soundbite is what carries your re-election?

And that’s just the Republicans.

Make no mistake, folks; America is in the final stages of empireitis. I think in the aviation world it is referred to as a graveyard spiral or a death spiral. Everyone on board thinks things are fine, but the pilot has lost control of the airplane. While the Republicans and Democrats yell, scream and grandstand, arguing about who is going to spend the money on their pet projects, the ship of state is getting ready to crater.

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