Scientists Create the World’s First Glow-In-the-Dark PIGS After Injecting Them with Jellyfish DNA (+video)

Photo Credit: University of Hawaii at Manoa

Photo Credit: University of Hawaii at Manoa

Chinese scientists have created the world’s first glow-in-the-dark pigs that emit a fluorescent green light.

The piglets acquired their bizarre ability to glow under ‘black’ or UVA light after their embryos were injected with DNA from a jellyfish.

Experts claim that the 10 young animals should live as long as any other pig and that the findings could help develop cheaper drugs for humans.

In a video accompanying the research, the pigs grunt when the lights are turned off and after a short while begin to squeal, perhaps hinting that they are a little scared of the dark.

The green tint indicates that the fluorescent genetic material injected into the pig embryos has been incorporated into the animal’s natural make-up.

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