Miller: An Important Anniversary for the Tea Party (+video)

CNBC It was five years ago this week that CNBC Newsman Rick Santelli made his fiery speech from the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade that helped launch a movement: “This is America!…President Obama, Are you listening?!…It’s time for another tea party.”

The answer five years later to Santelli’s question is a resounding, “No.” The President is not listening. It is clearly time to add some more tea bags to the pot and stoke up the fires.

Just this week an FCC Commissioner sent up a warning flare that the Obama Administration was once again planning to go after our constitutional rights.

Why in the world would our government think it is permissible to put “monitors” in newsrooms to determine how editorial decisions are being made? This is not the former Soviet Union, and Fox News is not TASS. The government should not have word one to say about what is the “news.”

Thankfully enough Americans in-and-out of the press, from all political persuasions, rose up and pressured the Administration that, at least for now, plans to introduce “monitors” into newsrooms have been put on hold.

All of us who love liberty are sick and tired of the Obama Administration’s complete disregard for our Constitution—NSA, IRS, ObamaCare, AP, Benghazi; all the while, Senator Mark Begich does nothing to prevent him from committing greater-and-greater abuses against our liberties.

You can be certain as the next senator from Alaska, there will be no one more zealous in defense of the Constitution. I swore to uphold and defend it several years ago as a newly commissioned officer when I took the oath at West Point.

I have never recanted that oath and carried it into my service on the judicial bench both at the state and federal levels. I cherish our freedoms as an inheritance from our Founding Fathers and an endowment from our Creator.

Together we can advance the work begun five years ago and start to write the next great chapter in the history of the American experiment: The restoration of the nation’s economic and political freedom!