Planned Parenthood to Open $2M Mega-Facility in Florida, Local Residents and Doctors Upset

Photo Credit: AP

Photo Credit: AP

Planned Parenthood is spending $2 million to open a new 10,000 square foot abortion facility in Kissimmee – the largest yet in Central Florida – and local residents are begging city officials to stop them.

“We do not want a death factory in our back yard,” one resident said at a Tuesday city commission meeting, which attracted hundreds of citizens to protest the facility’s planned May opening.

Another begged, “Do not let one of our attractions be baby-killing.”

But Kissimmee Mayor Jim Swan told residents that local zoning laws leave the city with no option but to let the facility open as planned. “The folks moving in there are providing medical services, just like the person who just left, so there’s no rezoning. There’s no [change of] land use,” Swan told WFTV-9. “We had no authority. I know most folks don’t understand that.”

The majority of city officials told residents they were personally against allowing the abortion facility to open, and that they hoped to take the issue to the state legislature, at a minimum to address whether the facility will receive state funding.

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