Watch Colbert’s Hilarious Takedown of Absurd Common Core Math Problems

Photo Credit: Comedy Central screenshot

Photo Credit: Comedy Central screenshot

By Robby Soave.

Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert ripped into the Common Core standards on his Tuesday night show, ridiculing the absurd Core-aligned math problems that have baffled students, parents and teachers nationwide.

“Common Core testing prepares students for what they will face as adults: pointless stress and confusion,” he said with characteristic sarcasm.

The controversial standards have been criticized for introducing federal control over local education matters. The Obama administration has encouraged states to adopt them by rewarding Core-aligned states with federal grants.

The standards require vigorous national standardized testing, which has provoked outcries among parents and teachers who consider the tests to be too difficult and a waste of time.

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Photo Credit: U.S. National Archives (Creative Commons)

Photo Credit: U.S. National Archives (Creative Commons)

Here’s What Happens To Kids Who Oppose Common Core

By B. Christopher Agee.

Fierce criticism of federal educational guidelines known as Common Core is growing among parents and students alike. Countless reports and examples suggest the curriculum values leftist social engineering far more than legitimate education.

One free-thinking eighth grade student in New York took the initiative to investigate mandates surrounding the program and offered her insight to her classmates. As a result, she now claims she is facing retribution in the form of a two-day suspension.

After determining required tests under Common Core are “set up for the kids to fail,” Seirra Olivero did some research and found out that students may opt out of the exams – a fact administrators apparently want to keep quiet. She recently informed other students at Orange-Ulster BOCES that they were not required to take the unpopular tests, explaining administrators told her to “shut [her] mouth and keep walking.”

Olivero was subsequently called in for a meeting with the principal, which she said was punctuated by the authority figure asking, in a rude tone, why she made such claims.

“I replied and said, ‘I did some research and it said they don’t have to,’” she recalled, indicating the principal continued berating her and refused her request to call home.

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