Pro-Vet “Rolling Thunder” Rally Comes to DC As VA Fails Veterans

Photo Credit: TownHall By Kevin Glass.

Rolling Thunder, a biker rally in Washington, D.C. created during the Vietnam War to honor American veterans, comes to the Capitol during Memorial Day weekend during the VA health scandal in which the government has been falsifying information about their ability to help America’s veterans.

The rally is held every year during Memorial Day, and they expect over 500,000 motorcyclists to participate this year.

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Photo Credit: Chip Somodevilla / Getty VA scandal fits an established Obama narrative: skilled politician, lousy manager

By Doyle McManus.

We don’t normally expect our presidents to pay close attention to how long veterans are being asked to wait for care in the vast medical system run by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

But we do expect presidents to appoint Cabinet officers and other aides who can run the federal government well — well enough, at least, to prevent full-blown scandals from erupting.

That’s what the VA’s long-running scheduling problems have turned into after reports that veterans died while waiting for medical care — and bureaucrats apparently manipulated records to make their performance look good when it wasn’t.

No one can read the stories of individual veterans who suffered at the hands of the bureaucracy — like Edward Laird, a 76-year-old Navy veteran who lost half of his nose because he had to wait two years for cancer tests — without feeling helpless fury.

And those stories are certain to keep coming.

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