9th Grader: “I’m Pro-Life Because of the Radical Idea Unborn Babies are People”

Photo Credit: LifeNews The National Right to Life Committee recently announced the winners of its national speech contest. Here’s a 9th grader, Rosalia Palumbo, who explains why she is pro-life. Clearly this pro-life young person has wisdom beyond her years!

From her essay:

Why am I pro-life? I have never asked myself that question, I just knew I was. Before I answer it, I should define what being “pro-life” means to me.

Being pro-life is protecting life, the lives of innocent, defenseless unborn babies, and the sometimes dependent, and yet invaluable, lives of the elderly. It means standing up for that third of my generation that is missing because of abortion, pressing the fact that equal rights, the right to life, belongs to the unborn, too. Acknowledging that all are gifts from God, and therefore are not burdens. Using our freedom of speech to stand up against this modern world, which frowns upon pregnant women, using our words of comfort, strengthen to reassure them. Being pro-life is more than just saying so. It is standing up for your beliefs and taking a stand against the injustice of this world, setting our eyes on heaven, and doing the most good for those who need it.

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