Barack Obama Turning Over Control Of U.S. Oceans To The United Nations

Photo Credit: Bing

Photo Credit: Bing

It seems there is just too much on the plate of our current president, Barack Obama. With so many duties to fulfill, it appears he’s having trouble keeping up. Just to take care of one task, he neglects another and it is starting to split the American people even more. Just here on The Inquisitr, we reported how Obama is somewhat avoiding the situation at the Texas border. This includes two trips in which the first he avoided the border completely and the second, he “talked” about the border’s problem of illegal immigration. In the end, it looks like all he wanted to do was kick back, shoot pool, and drink beer in Denver.

Now reports are coming in that Barack Obama is renewing his efforts for the U.S. to join the Law of the Sea Treaty which was enforced by the United Nations. Summarized, Obama is turning over control of U.S. oceans to the U.N.

According to an article by Truth and Action, the United States is no stranger when it comes to this treaty by the United Nations. For the last 30 years, the U.S. has refused to be a part of this, but with Barack Obama at the presidential seat, it looks like we might surrender our U.S. sovereignty of our oceans. This can actually be very bad for the United States in general, especially for business. On the outside, it looks as if handing over the U.S. ocean’s control to the U.N. means that they have control of the world’s seas but this will also allow the U.N. to tax American citizens and companies just for using the seas.

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