Kaufman County: No Illegal Immigrant Children Here

Photo Credit: Ross D. Franklin-Pool / Getty

Photo Credit: Ross D. Franklin-Pool / Getty

Kaufman County Commissioners approved a resolution on Monday telling the federal government that they don’t want to house any illegal immigrants in their communities.

It came about after Kaufman County Tea Party Chairman Ray Myers and others appealed to the commissioners court.

“It basically says that we are opposed to the dropping of the illegals in Kaufman county, regardless of if they’re kids or whatever they are,” said Myers. “We’re just opposed to those people coming in because of the possibility of disease, the possibility of drug cartels or things of that nature. There’s already indications of disease; there’s already indications that they’re covering up disease at Lackland Air Force Base… and we know that the government is covering up those things at Lackland and other places.”

Myers goes onto say that they’re opposed to how the federal government is handling the crisis on the border. “We’re not interested in having illegal immigration in Kaufman County; we don’t believe that it’s constitutional.”

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