11th Hour Politifact Flak Shows Joe Miller Over Target on Immigration and Guns

87f399e91d4ceb30b7f8b46342d49ba1“Miller’s mailer muddies the waters, because increasing gun ownership regulations is not the same thing as scrapping the Second Amendment entirely,” Politfact claims in a Thursday hit piece on the Alaska Senate campaign, where conservative Joe Miller is trying mightily to upset the establishment in next Tuesday’s primary election. “The ad is wrong when it suggests 20 million voters can repeal part of the Constitution’s Bill of Rights. We rate it False.”

The ad does not say the Second Amendment will be repealed, which is what the thrust of the Politifact stretch attempts to indict Miller on. Nowhere does he claim the Constitution will be amended to repeal the Second Amendment. Indeed, as anyone with a basic understanding of unalienable rights and settled law could tell the “Authorized Journalists,” assuming they’d listen and care, “The very text of the Second Amendment implicitly recognizes the pre-existence of the right and declares only that it ‘shall not be infringed’ … This is not a right granted by the Constitution. Neither is it in any manner dependent upon that instrument for its existence.”

What Miller says is “”If 20 million illegals vote, you can kiss the Second Amendment goodbye.” That’s clear to any informed gun owners and pro-immigration sanity activist, and is demonstrated by all credible observations, not to mention the eagerness of the Obama administration to make it so. The “pathway to citizenship” being enabled by a Democrat/Republican establishment alliance will result in an electorate with the votes to fundamentally alter what legislatures will enact and courts will uphold in the name of “compelling state interests,” effectively neutering and gutting the right.

If bearing arms can be restricted as in New Jersey, and if arms that can be kept can be banned using a wrong-headed interpretation of the “in common use at the time” qualifier, what’s left will be so far removed from “shall not be infringed,” and so anemic, that for all intents and purposes, it will be of no significance. After all, what good is a right if government can get away with whatever infringements they want? And what good will past Supreme Court gains be if the balance there swings heavily to the left?

That a Florida-based paper should pick now, with the election days away, and with Miller gaining steam to become an Alaska threat the establishment must eliminate, is hardly surprising. Having been endorsed by Gun Owners of America, Sarah Palin, radio talker Mark Levin and others, a candidate who speaks plainly about impeachment for border subversion is not one opponents wish to see elevated and amplified. And aside from the Democrat party, the Obama administration and an overwhelmingly “progressive” media that would rather smother such a voice, the Karl Rove/Chamber of Commerce wing of the Republican party is doing everything it can to crush true conservatives who understand that amnesty will eviscerate (legally-recognized) gun rights.

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