Mark Levin Endorses Joe Miller for U.S. Senate

marklevin63714Radio talk show host Mark Levin announced his endorsement of Joe Miller for U.S. Senate last night on his nationally syndicated radio program.

“[Joe] was endorsed today by our dear friend Sarah Palin, and I would like to endorse him today myself,” said Levin. He added that Miller is the “constitutional conservative” in the race running against “two establishment” candidates. “Our friends in Alaska you need to get out; you need to vote” and help Miller win.

Miller responded, “I want to thank the Great One for endorsing my candidacy for the U.S. Senate. I have been a long time admirer of Mark as one of our country’s foremost champions of freedom. We both share the belief that the best and only hope for our nation is a return to constitutional government. I am honored to serve with him in that fight.”