Mead Treadwell Faces Backlash Over His Companies’ Development Of Spying Technology

Photo Credit: Facebook / Mead Treadwell for United States Senate

Photo Credit: Facebook / Mead Treadwell for United States Senate

As the Alaska GOP primary election nears, one of the Republicans vying to replace Democrat Sen. Mark Begich is embroiled in a new scandal regarding his stated aversion of federal spying programs.

Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell has spoken publicly against efforts by the National Security Agency and other federal entities to gather information on Americans through mass surveillance

KDLG reported this week that, despite Treadwell’s rhetoric, two of his companies have benefited greatly from the pursuit of such technologies. Alaska Democratic Party spokesperson Zack Fields noted the apparent inconsistencies between his stated position and the financial motives to support NSA spying.

“Treadwell says the government snoops too much,” Fields said, “but his own company, where he was CEO and on the board of directors, got an earmark for spy technology.”

KDLG reported that the company in question is Venture Ad Astra, which produces “remote sensing and location-based technology.”

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