A Nevada Family Bought Mandated Coverage, But ObamaCare Errors Have Left Them Desperate and in Debt

Photo Credit: IJ Review

Photo Credit: IJ Review

When Kynell Smith signed up his family on the Nevada Health Link exchange last year, the higher than average premiums weren’t the biggest shock he’d receive.

The Smith family appears to be the latest victims of a series of errors that has now left the family with medical debt surpassing $1 million. Mr. Smith says that he has spent “countless hours” trying to resolve the matter, even pleading with elected officials, in an effort to relieve his family of the unbearable debt and get his child covered by a health care plan.

Problems for Smith began as soon as he enrolled when his plan was quoted at nearly $1,600 per month. It was a higher payment than he experienced under his former COBRA plan, and not really “affordable” care, but I digress…

Kynell Smith used the Nevada Health Link last year to sign up for a new health plan, but has experienced problems at every stage. Payments have been lost, his wife’s details on her insurance card were inaccurate, and the couple have still not been able to enroll their baby girl, who was born prematurely in February, Smith claims. Smith has now turned to attorneys for help, after being unable to resolve the litany of errors that have led to him being billed for more than $1 million in medical bills.

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