Rubio: If I Had to Vote Again On My Gang of Eight Immigration Bill, I’d Vote No

Photo Credit: AP

Photo Credit: AP

I hope you guys appreciate how hard he’s been pandering to you lately. Because he’s pandering awfully hard.

This reminds me of the debate before the 2012 primaries got rolling over whether Romney should repudiate RomneyCare. Lots of righties said yes, definitely. He’s got to get that monkey off his back; otherwise he’ll be vulnerable in facing an ObamaCare-hating electorate. I thought he was right to stand by it for the simple reason that he already had so many flip-flops to his record, another one — a big one — could be fatal. It would prove that there’s nothing, up to and including his signature “achievement” as governor, that he wouldn’t abandon to protect his own electability. Better to be a RINO who stands on principle than a guy who’ll always pander, leaving you to wonder if you can trust him when the political tides change.

Are we at that point with Rubio yet?

Asked directly how he would vote if Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid brought the same bill to the floor now, he said he would vote no because passing the bill now wouldn’t be productive.

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