Best-Selling Novelist Brad Thor: Political Correctness Puts Americans At Risk

Photo Credit: Western Journalism Thor, an unabashed patriot, writes successful novels that combine fact and fiction to drive his readers to understand the threats facing this nation. In this exclusive interview, he says “political correctness has always been a wedge, a tool, the left uses to separate people out.”

Saying this is an ideological battle, Thor says it is time to “call out the ideology.”

“Islam wants a carved out place in the public square where they don’t get criticized,” he continued. “If Catholics, Presbyterians, or Dutch Reformers had people killing in the name of their texts in the numbers the Muslim faith does, we would be compelled to address those issues.”

Discussing how progressive elites have worked to build a hostile public perception about the tea party, Thor said, “I believe that if ISIS carried a Gadsden flag instead of the black jihadist flag, they would have gotten a lot more attention. The left is successful to the degree to which they keep the people they purport to promote, down.”

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