Students Were Passing Out U.S. Constitutions at a Public University. Moments Later, This Happened. (+video)

Photo Credit: Breitbart Officials at a public university in Oregon threatened to call the police on students handing out the U.S. Constitution on campus because they refused to do so in the school’s “free speech area.”

According to Campus Reform, which obtained video of the incident, the group of four students were distributing copies of the Constitution out last Tuesday when they were confronted by administrators at Southern Oregon University.

Footage of the extensive encounter depicts multiple college administrators tell the students that passing out Constitutions in the public area is against school policy and not allowed.

“I would very much like you to leave, if you would, please, because the students have the right to be able to come by here without you guys, you know, invading their space and asking them to do something,” Tim Robitz, director of university housing, told the students.

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