Eric Holder Email: ‘Some People Can Kiss My A**’

Photo Credit: Daily Caller

Photo Credit: Daily Caller

Frustrated with U.S. Attorneys who disagreed with a decision to force a fellow U.S. Attorney to resign in the aftermath of the failed Operation Fast and Furious gun-walking scandal, Attorney General Eric Holder advised in an email that his critics “can kiss my ass.”

Holder sent the email Aug. 30, 2011 in response to a Department of Justice deputy who relayed the news that around 25 U.S. Attorneys throughout the country were “upset” with how the forced resignation was handled.

The exchange is included in nearly 65,000 pages of emails related to Fast and Furious that DOJ was forced to turn over this week to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. The Wall Street Journal published the newest release on Friday.

The documents have been at the center of a multi-year battle between DOJ and Oversight chairman Darrell Issa. Though Holder has claimed to have had no knowledge of the failed operation until well after it was started, he has refused to turn over documents requested by Issa.

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