Look At That! Obama Tries To Focus Public On Racist Cops

Photo Credit: Daily Caller

Photo Credit: Daily Caller

By Neil Munro.

President Barack Obama’s first move in December will be to focus the nation’s attention on complaints about racist cops in African-American communities.

The move may be part of an effort to grab the political initiative after the Democrats’ massive losses in the Nov. 4 election, and also to keep the public’s attention away from his unpopular Nov. 21 announcement that he will provide 4 million illegal immigrants with work permits and taxpayer-funded aid programs.

Progressives, Democrats and media outlets stepped up their complaints about law enforcement in African-American neighborhoods after a grand jury decided Nov. 24 to not charge police officer Darren Wilson with any crime following his shooting of a black man in August in Ferguson, Mo.

The shooting — and the grand jury’s decision — prompted riots and was cited frequently by Democratic activists during the 2014 midterm campaign.

To grab the public’s attention for December, the White House announced Nov. 30 that Obama has a Dec. 1 morning meeting with cabinet members to talk about federal programs that supply equipment to local police forces.

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Obama to hold meetings Monday on Ferguson

By AP News.

President Barack Obama will discuss the situation in Ferguson, Missouri, Monday with his Cabinet, civil rights leaders, law enforcement officials and others.

The White House says Obama’s Cabinet meeting will focus on his administration’s review of federal programs that provide military-style equipment to law enforcement agencies.

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