Sunday's Great White Shark Attack Witness: "It Was Really Radical" (+video)

sharkAndrew Walsh, who was surfing with [the 50-year old victim, Kevin] Swanson at the time of the attack, said [an 8 to 10 foot juvenile] shark swam from beneath Swanson’s board and dragged him under with no warning [on Sunday morning].

“It was really radical,” he said. “I was about 10 feet from him, and it was absolutely quiet. … (The shark) came straight up out of the depths and got him and took him under the water. That was the amazing part: this big giant side of the shark just curving up out of the water.”

Walsh said Swanson was below the water for several seconds before he surfaced on his board, yelled “shark attack” and began paddling for shore.

Once he reached shore, Swanson used the leash cord from his surfboard to fashion a tourniquet for his leg where the shark bit him, Walsh said. Two doctors who had been walking on the beach helped Swanson, as well, and determined that no major arteries had been hit, Walsh said.

“We’re really blessed that he was still able to get himself to shore,” Walsh said. “I was a few feet behind him, and we grabbed him and got him out of the water, obviously, up on the sand, and very quickly these doctors where there, helping out and calling 911.” (Read more about the shark attack witness HERE)